Episode 1

Published on:

2nd Nov 2021

S:3 EP: 1 - Hook (1991)

"Have to fly, Have to fight, Have to crow, Have to Save Josh, Have to Save Zak... Duckin' the Usher is Back!"

Zak, Josh and Megan Discuss the Cult Classic, Hook from 1991! The first episode of Season 3!

When work-obsessed corporate lawyer Peter Banning's children go missing, the only clue is a ransom note signed by the nefarious Captain Hook. As it turns out, Peter is none other than Peter Pan, who left Neverland decades earlier to finally grow up. With Tinker Bell's help, he flies off to his magical homeland to battle Hook and save his family.

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Duckin' the Usher
A weekly talk about films you wouldn't pay to see
On Duckin' the Usher, Josh and Zak will discuss movies you wanted to see... but did not pay to view at the theater. Ranging from cult classics, sleeper hits, total flops, and the hidden gems that you may have forgotten existed at all! We delve into the facts, troubles, and triumphs of the production while - hopefully - providing the listener an entertaining, educated, and enlightened experience as we take you on a roller-coaster of nostalgia.

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About your hosts

Joshua Stenkamp

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Joshua Stenkamp hails from a small city in Central Florida. He has been a professional magician, actor, performance instructor and jack of all trades. In addition to magic Josh is an accomplished live event host and has a deep knowledge of useless information ranging from movies, television, music and theatrical arts (he is a walking talking Google).

Zak Fisher

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Zachery W Fisher was born and raised in Central Florida near the “House of Mouse” and is a lifelong fan of all things geek culture.
He’s worked as a body piercer, bartender, server and various other occupations. Always with an interest in the arts he was a member of his high school drama club and even briefly fronted a metal band. He brings with him a vast well of interesting tidbits from comics, movies, sci-fi, video games and TV. Never one to duck a conversation he’ll take any opportunity to inform, entertain or otherwise engage.