Episode 5

Published on:

16th Dec 2020

S:2 EP: 5 - Double Feature: Home Alone (1990) & Home Alone 2 (1992)

Josh & Zak tackle two Christmas classics!!!

Home Alone (1990)

Kevin is an 8-year-old who, through a series of mishaps, is left behind when his large family flies to Paris for the holidays. Blissful at having the house to himself, he's soon interrupted by bickering home invaders Harry and Marv, and he'll need all his smarts to outwit them.

Home Alone 2 Lost in New York (1992)

Kevin, the precocious protagonist, is back a year later as he accidentally boards the wrong plane on a family trip to Florida. His new destination: New York City. There he encounters his old nemeses, thieves Harry and Marv, and must foil their plan for a huge Christmas Eve toy store heist.

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Joshua Stenkamp

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Joshua Stenkamp hails from a small city in Central Florida. He has been a professional magician, actor, performance instructor and jack of all trades. In addition to magic Josh is an accomplished live event host and has a deep knowledge of useless information ranging from movies, television, music and theatrical arts (he is a walking talking Google).

Zak Fisher

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Zachery W Fisher was born and raised in Central Florida near the “House of Mouse” and is a lifelong fan of all things geek culture.
He’s worked as a body piercer, bartender, server and various other occupations. Always with an interest in the arts he was a member of his high school drama club and even briefly fronted a metal band. He brings with him a vast well of interesting tidbits from comics, movies, sci-fi, video games and TV. Never one to duck a conversation he’ll take any opportunity to inform, entertain or otherwise engage.